Time Travel is real and The Simpsons Proves it

Please, after this… time travel is definitely real


Photo Courtesy of CNN.com

This is no coincidence that The Simpsons seem to get it right once again.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

The Simpsons, which is the longest-running American sitcom, has been on air since December 17, 1989 with a total of 695 episodes. 

Over the years, however, a strange phenomenon has occurred. Fans have noticed that the show seems to “predict” events before they happen. These events are usually major ones, involving celebrities and other well-known individuals. 

Technically, this is just a theory, however many people believe it to be true.

“I definitely think that the Simpsons actually predict these major events. The details are just too similar or exact to be only a coincidence. How they predict this, I have no idea. It’s totally crazy to me, but it’s entertaining to see what they predict and how similar the predictions are to the actual event,” says Mia Iglesias, senior. 

The only way that they are able to accurately “predict” these events is if they were somehow able to travel back in time. Now, obviously time travel hasn’t been invented yet…or has it? 

Humans have become so technologically advanced that it is almost surprising that time travel hasn’t been tried. Conspiracy theories suggest that it does exist, especially with people claiming that they have seen people from the future. 

Since these theories exist, they usually end up getting associated with the Simpsons theory. There are numerous different scenes in the show that are proof of this strange occurrence. 

For example, in the episode “Bart to the Future”, Lisa becomes one of the first straight female President of the United States.

Fans of the show believe that this episode, which was released on March 19, 2000, predicted Kamala Harris being one of the first female vice presidents in history. Not to mention, the outfit worn by Kamala Harris at the inauguration is almost identical to the one worn by Lisa in the show. 

It is just absolutely mind-blowing how an episode of the show that came out around 20 years ago could have predicted this. Since the show has already predicted so much, fans are now left wondering what’s next. 

“I think the simpsons are going to predict the end of covid. Sorta like in the Simpsons movie when they destroy the dome and they are all set free. It feels like we as Americans are trapped inside of this dome,” says Jason Allyn, senior. 

Well, whatever the next thing might be, one thing is for sure: the Simpsons will continue to predict future events as long as the show runs.