Picnics & Cakes Galore

Grab your cake, cameras and let’s get aesthetic!


Photo By Salma Calderon

@ava.sabo on TikTok has one of these aesthetically pleasing picnics with one of their friends.

Salma Calderon, Editor-In-Chief

Circling around the most common, popular app that brings rather strange and little trends to life, TikTok has once again introduced us to a trend of aesthetic simplicity. 

It is known as the Wine Glass Cutting Cake Picnic trend where, in the name, one has an aesthetic pleasing picnic with friends or family and cuts cake with, you guessed it, a wine glass for easy serving. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of blanket you use, or what cake or wine glasses there are, as long as one has fun in the sun. 

This trend has really brought out the smiles and satisfaction everyone has been needing with their close friends and family during the COVID season. 

“I like the trend because there is food involved and it is something you wish when COVID is over that you can finally hangout with people. I would definitely do it because it brings joy and we should have a break from school and other things. I feel it is a time to have a break and enjoy those moments with your friends because, of course, we are gonna be busy with our lives so it is best to spend time with them.” says Senior, Irene Junario.

It is safe, fun and aesthetic activity to do when you don’t know what to do on weekends or late afternoons. 

One just needs a blanket, food, and most importantly your wine glass and cake for dessert. No matter who you are, this can definitely satisfy any desperate need to go out.

Head to a park or the best part of your backyard, lay a blanket down, get some sandwiches, get some cake and enjoy yourselves. 

Though being mostly used for very aesthetic pleasures and views, most have come to say this is the cutest trend and the happiest one to experience and try. Cute to the core.

Irene Junario continues with, “It is cute because of the food and dang, the cakes look yummy. The glass slicing of the cake is so smart, who even needs a knife??”

This trend is use for simple pleasures such as if you want to gorge yourself on a few little treats, take some pretty little photos for Instagram or, of course, make one of he most aesthetic pleasing TikToks you can.

And Irene is right, who needs a knife when you have a wine glass for easy, simple serving!

Better try it out yourself, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy the day and maybe get a few views on TikTok while enjoying what everyone loves most: cake!