Let’s Just Pop a Choccy Milk

It makes pain go awaaay

Pop a Choccy Milk. Choccy Milk makes pain go away :)

Photo Courtesy of Rebubble.com

Pop a Choccy Milk. Choccy Milk makes pain go away :)

Jesus Sandoval Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Since the end of January and the beginning of February, there was an unusual yet sort of funny phrase that was going viral, “pop a choccy milk”.

This phrase died down within the first week however made millions of views and a number of videos from a bunch of different people.

This phrase “pop a choccy milk” was used by making a video of making some chocolate milk and using it to “make the pain go away” according to what the videos were about. Often the person making the Tik Tok would talk about something like a breakup and then record themselves making chocolate milk and using the phrase “pop a choccy milk”.

“I myself didn’t actually find the phrase funny but I didn’t mind it, some people did but I really didn’t see it as a joke to make someone laugh, just a temporary saying,” said Junior Ulysses Martinez.

This trend began going viral very fast on Tik Tok and was quickly getting many people to actually do it. Quickly some videos were reaching hundreds of thousands of views quite fast, some went on to hit a couple of million which was crazy. Since this was happening, in any videos relating something unfortunate or slightly sad, people would also comment on the phrase.

There was also something going on, getting a 50/50 ratio of being liked or not was starting to become common and people would sometimes argue under the comment sections of these videos.

Quickly after it started to die down more people than not were beginning to really not like it, with many using blank stared emoticons and commenting things like “oh so funny”. Since the majority of people quickly began to very much dislike it no videos have been made since then. 

“Yeah, a lot of people found it funny but not this guy, at first I didn’t notice or catch on that people actually used it as a joke, just not funny, pretty boring, yeah didn’t like it, “ commented Junior Joshua Cisneros.

Thinking about it, school nearing an end how about everyone just pops a Choccy Milk, shall we?