In Remembrance of Coach Troy Nelson

“Are you brave enough to run with us?” – Coach Nelson

A friend, mentor, inspiration, family, a Brave: Coach Troy Nelson.

Photo Courtesy of Alta Loma High Schools Instagram

A friend, mentor, inspiration, family, a Brave: Coach Troy Nelson.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

On January 27th, 2021, Alta Loma’s Cross Country Coach, Troy Nelson, passed away.

Coach Nelson was a loved member of staff at our school, who coached both the track and cross country teams. He was a part of our Brave Family for 7 years. 

He was our friend, a mentor, family, an inspiration who guided hundreds of Braves through athletics while maintaining the kindness everyone deserves.

He was an amazing coach and person, who was always encouraging the students to keep improving their skills. Many students remember his famous saying, “Are you Brave Enough to Run with us?” 

He always had a smile on his face, and would always greet everyone that he saw. He was always one of the first people on campus in the morning, early enough to have practice before school started. He also offered to help students improve their skills if they came to school early. 

Coach Nelson was known best by his runners for his nonstop encouragement. Students who were on Coach Nelson’s teams had nothing but positive things to say about him. 

“There are so many memories. Cross country camp was always filled with memories, cross country meets, track meets, practices, he made everything memorable. He was always there to help with personal problems or just to listen. He knew what was best for each and every one of his athletes. He was an amazing storyteller, and always pushed you to do your personal best. His time and patience is what made all of us better athletes, and more importantly, a family,” mentions Hailey Maxwell, senior. 

While he was best known for how well he coached the students on the track and cross country teams, many students remember him solely for how positive and encouraging he was.

Coach Nelson will always be remembered for being such a positive role model for his students, forever being apart of the Brave family and will forever, always, be in our hearts.