Best Buddies Valentines Day Special

Staying safe for one another in a special way.


Photo By Makenzie Guillen

Best Buddies Valentines cards created to their special Valentines.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

Best Buddies is a club at our school that aims to make sure everyone is included.

Normally, the club meets every other week at school during lunch, so that the peers are able to spend time with their buddies and sometimes even do fun activities together.

Unfortunately, however, this year has prevented them from meeting in person. 

Every other week the peers and buddies have zoom meetings during lunch, so they eat together, and even discuss any upcoming events. 

For Valentine’s Day, the club advisors sent Valentine’s Day cards in the mail to all of the buddies and peers.

Then, they all joined a zoom meeting and wrote out their cards to each other. Each of the peers was placed in breakout rooms with their buddies, and they all talked about how school has been for them.

Then, after all of the card-making was finished, the peers and buddies made sure to get each other’s addresses so that they could mail their Valentine’s cards to each other. 

“I had such a fun time making Valentine’s Day cards during our best buddies meeting! It was so nice to be able to catch up with my friends and buddies, as well as  spend the lunch time with them! It was a great way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day holiday with our buddies! I am so glad that I attended,” says Mia Iglesias, Senior. 

This event was very fun for everyone, and the buddies and peers enjoyed doing their craft together while still being safe.