Alta Loma’s Dance Team is back in action

Moving on in back into the school!


Photo Courtesy of the Alta Loma Dance Team Instagram

The Alta Loma High dance team back in action at the Uhalley stadium.

Rylie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This school year, as we know, has been very different when it comes to learning, sports and any activities that were usually able to go on like normal.

Due to the pandemic that has taken over the entire school year, things have been a lot more difficult to go on with.

Alta Loma High School’s dance team has been one of the many activities affected by the new way of learning from home, because how can you all practice together when you cannot gather?

The dance team has been able to find ways to communicate all together and bond through zoom. They have many fun activities to keep them busy and staying connected to one another.

Luckily this year’s both Varsity and Junior Varsity dance team have also found a way to safety practice together for their competition routines. They took the football stadium, used the field to spread out and social distance properly for their practice.

All of the dancers wore masks and stayed six feet apart to maintain social distancing.

Varsity dancer Vivian Vo remarked, “In-person practice on the football field is a bit odd but it’s so nice dancing with all the space. The first practice was so nice since we finally got to see the whole team in real life! Dancing with masks is rough, but doable. I enjoy having in-person practices because dancing on zoom doesn’t work too well.”

Alta Loma High School’s dance team has still been planning fundraisers and acknowledging each of their dancers during this tough time at home.

They are all making the best of this schoolyear and doing all they can to go on with their sport safety.