The Valentines Activities of 2021

We strike an arrow with these usual Valentines things.


Photo by Shelby Summerhays

Valentines is always associated with various treats! Treats especially include Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Shelby Summerhays, Staff Writer

This second Valentine’s Day during COVID-19 is approaching fast this year.  Instead of dining at the fanciest restaurants and going to parties this year people will be spending their Valentine’s Day where they have spent most of their year, at home. 

Although it will be spent at home there are definitely still ways to make Valentine’s Day fun and festive with the best items. 

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with couple’s in love but over the past few years it has become a day to also celebrate the love people have for their friends, family, themselves. 

Scented candles are always a good item to have for this holiday to set the romantic mood in someone’s home and to get the house smelling nice and sweet. 

Decorating the home with pink and red balloons, streamers, and wreaths with touches of ribbon and flowers are a way of implementing the lovey-dovey  V-Day mood into a person’s life. For those that like to stay in, binge-watching the most iconic romantic-comedies and classic romance films are a way of getting people in this holiday’s spirit while having fun and without spending too much money. 

Senior, Skyler Hernandez said, “On Valentine’s Day I think watching your favorite rom-coms is really fun.”

Stroking the covers, and peeling back the pages of the most beloved romance novels are also a great way of making this holiday more enjoyable. 

Of course, there are always the timeless Valentine’s Day things like heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, and big bouquets of red roses that people may enjoy buying for their loved ones or as a gift to themselves. 

Freshman, River Roof said, “I love giving my friends gifts on Valentine’s Day like boxes of chocolates.” 

Homemade Valentine’s Day crafts, such  as heart-shaped cards, scrapbooks, and paintings, not only add holiday spirit into a home but also are means of fun and creativity for everyone.

All in all, these things are sure to help with the years to come and don’t forget, each and everyday you should love!