Everyone Deserves to be Loved


Love extends to everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity, background, gender, etc

Jasmine Jacobo, Staff Writer

I think everyone should be loved. Everyone and anyone deserves love. No matter what bad or good you do, no one should feel as if no one cares or no one loves them. Honestly you could love anyone at any time, its best to even start now. It may be hard for some to even accept that fact they are loved but there are also many others who want to feel loved and would do anything to feel loved. Maybe even trusting someone or being honest with someone could ease them into it.

“In all honesty. Yes there may be some people who have done terrible things but still deserve love. I mean people who have done murder and other things i will not speak aloud are people i personally think don’t deserve love because of terrible and bad things people cant even imagine” -Mariah Angelo.

“I personally think that many deserve love. I have felt the pain of being unloved but even if people do bad things that aren’t really that bad. They still deserve some type of love.”- Kaylie Simpson. Freshman.

Anyone could receive love in different ways. Relationship wise, friendship wise, and even family wise. There are different ways that people show love. Love is one thing that is earned. Some even say it is received and given. Sometimes it’s difficult to even show it because many are feared someone could easily take advantage of it. Like some would say that, as the title. Everyone should be love, good or bad.