Do Students learn more from TikTok?


Alexis Loveraz has gone viral on Tik Tok for posting videos to help kids with math

Tionni Reed, Staff Writer

School is a place where the primary goal is education. It’s where students go to learn attributes
for their futures.

But how useful is an education learned at school compared to the information gained through social media?

Ever since the start of the pandemic people have been spending a lot more time online. The most popular of the social media outlets being TikTok.

Since the pandemic TikTok has gained an even wider demographic with millions using its platform to share a variety of content about things such as art; tutorials; nature; and dancing.

One big subgenre in TikTok has been their educational videos. Content of such sort can be found through hashtags like #Tutorial; #Tips; #Advice; #Teachertiktok or #Learnontiktok.

#Learnontiktok in particular was a program that was started to help encourage learning during the lock down.

While there are videos available for users explaining things like math and science, it also provides information on thinking outside the box while using everyday household objects.

There are videos of people teaching life skills like how to change a flat tire, cook or even how to achieve a better sense of mental health.

“I remember I learned this garlic bread recipe there. It takes me less than fifteen minutes to make and now I can have garlic bread whenever I want.” said freshman, Elisa Gonzalez.

These are things that most likely would not be taught at school. This has left many people questioning whether the app can be just as good if not better at spreading information.

“It shows us what is going on around the world and we get to educate ourselves everyday,” commented Jane Ryoo freshman.

It’s also worth mentioning that TikTok can be used as a reference for news as well. There are thousands of videos on the app with people trying to make others aware of things like climate change, social injustices, and other social issues. They get to the point and often end the Tiktok with ways the viewers can help.