Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup


Photo By Shelby Summerhays

e.l.f is apart of the Vegan & Cruelty-Free, a line products to safely use knowing the material used to make it.

Shelby Summerhays, Staff Writer

Over the past few years being vegan has become a fast growing trend in pop culture.  The demand for all things vegan has caused many industries to expand their business, especially the beauty community. 

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup means that there is no animal ingredients or testing on animals in order to develop the products. 

A number of brands have transitioned into clean beauty markets, such as Pacifica, Derma E, Le Labo, and e.l.f.  

The greatest effect of the conscious beauty movement has been that consumers are now assessing the product they are placing onto their skin.  

People, especially generations like the millennials and Gen Z, are looking to only use products that align with their beliefs such as care for the environment and what is honorable to use. 

Senior Skylar Karr said, “I believe it is better for a person’s own health that they are only consuming clean products.”

It is vital that even more people begin to only consume clean products because natural ingredients can prevent bacteria growth, and harmful effects on the skin. 

Products containing animal ingredients have not shown that there are any significant benefits for the skin.  

Freshman Emma Olvera said, “I think it is super important that people are aware of what they are putting on their skin.”

In addition, it is not enough for a product to just be vegan or just be cruelty-free. To make an impact products should be vegan and cruelty-free. 

The reason for this is because a product can still be vegan and but  while being developed animals were tested, vice-versa. 

To receive that flawless, glowing look so many want to achieve for their skin they can no longer use products that will clog their pores, cause redness, and increase dryness or oiliness of skin. 

It is not guaranteed that a clean product will totally agree with somebody’s skin however, negative effects are less likely and it is more likely to have positive impacts such as hydration, glowiness, reduced redness, and clearer looking skin.