Disney’s Next Big Villain


Cruella De Vil stands with her Dalmatians and evil henchmen. Photo courtesy of CNN.

Chris Apablaza, Staff Writer

Disney+ has come out with many great successful movies since its premiere. It has given viewers the amazing experience of Soul, Mulan (2020), and so much more. Now, for 2021 Disney+ is coming out with a villainous movie. 

The newest movie that is set to come out this year is Cruella. It is based after the amazingly glamorous villain, Cruella De Vil, from the movie 101 Dalmatians

It is a live action feature film following the evil exploits of the villain and how she came to be. 

 And the person who has the honor of being the villain is the talented, Emma Stone. The movie premieres on May 28th, of 2021 and you can watch it if you have Disney+. 

Trailers are out everywhere, and people already have opinions on it. 

So, what do Alta Loma High School students think about the villainous movie?

Paige Schermerhorn, 9th grade, states “I am excited for the new move to come out because we will get to see the movie, kind through her [Cruella’s] perspective, and it also looks really interesting to watch”.

On the other hand, Paris Tuma, 10th grade, stated “I’m not too excited for the movie to be honest. It’s trying to convince an audience to sympathize with a literal puppy murderer”.

For the choice of casting Emma Stone as young Cruella, Tuma stated “As per usual, I could ask Emma Stone to step on me”.

Schermerhorn said “I think it was a good idea to cast Emma Stone as Cruella because I know she is a good actor and will fit the part perfectly! I was super happy that the movie was announced and it looks good to watch too”.

With the new trailers, and pictures coming out, Tuma compared it with the 2019 movie Joker as both seemed similar in the way of their trailers.

“I feel good about this movie being made” stated Schermerhorn, but Tuma on the other hand felt differently. “I feel they could have used a different idea to make another move.

Disney had a ton of scrapped ideas they could work on”. Said Tuma, as she feels that the movie (the trailers and pictures seen so far), don’t really offer a new idea, other than just an origin story for the villain. Disney has done movies before about giving villains backstories, and new concepts such as the hit movie Maleficent, and it’s not so successful predecessor Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Although Disney has produced some pretty good live-action movies most of them fall short for the fans of the original. Paige feels that Cruella will be a great movie and that it will be better than the past live-action movies Disney has produced. “I think it will turn out good and maybe better than some other live-action movies” said Schermerhorn.

Paige states “I hope that the movie is good and that there are some unexpected things that happen within the movie”.

For Paris’s hopes for the movie she stated “I’m hoping they don’t try to make Cruella sympathetic. She’s a literal puppy killer, and she’s well aware of what she’s doing wrong. Besides, her name kind of means ‘cruel devil’”.

As the movie gets ever so closer, fans will then see how the movie turns out and if it can live up to the hype that some people have created for the movie. As for any movie, some people see the bad of the film while others see the good of the film.

Regardless of how it turns out, Cruella will be a hit film in the hearts of some people and that is okay. A film doesn’t have to please everyone, and they will always have support from their loyal, and caring fans.