COVID Has Ruined Social Skills


Jarernchai Torchot / EyeEm

Social Distancing has lead to boredom while being stuck at home

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

Who knew that the one thing all parents would get mad at their kids for would become the norm. Instead of getting told you need to go outside because you’ve been in your room all day, you get told you need to stay inside, because you only go outside when you have to.

People are now forced to socially distance, and you have to wear a face mask everywhere you go. The new norm, is staying in your house as much as possible, only going out when you need to, and staying at least 6 feet away from others when in public places.

Social distancing should be associated with the word antisocial, because people are now becoming more introverted than ever. Not to mention, restaurants and venues have been closed down and are now only allowing takeout.

Eating at restaurants, going to parks, attending school, and going to concerts are just a few examples of social events that we once took for granted. Since we are now restricted to the confines of our own homes, cell phones and the internet have become the main means of socialization for the past year.

Social media apps such as Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter have been what is keeping people connected with each other. People are now utilizing phone calls and video chats to keep themselves connected with family members that they haven’t had the chance to visit, as well as friends that they haven’t seen.

“I think COVID has altered my social skills because I haven’t been engaging in any social gatherings in quite a bit of time, so I only socialize with a limited number of people each day. Shifting from seeing many of my friends at school every day to not seeing many people in general on a daily basis has contributed to this change in my sociability,” says Mia Iglesias, senior.

Now that this pandemic has gone on for over a year, it almost seems like we won’t ever be able to get back to “normal” because this has been our “normal” for so long.