When to Start Celebrating Christmas


A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree

Nathaniel Barbosa, Staff Writer

Is it okay for people to show off their Christmas Spirit right after Halloween or is it only allowed in December. Are you annoyed by the early Christmas decorations and music, ruining the last month of Fall? Or do you think the disastrous 2020 is in dire need of some early Christmas cheer?

Chris Horvath, a senior at Alta Loma High School and Christmas enthusiast, believes that “Thanksgiving is Christmas’ Pregame, it lives in Christmas’ shadow, so it doesn’t deserve it’s own decorations. Christmas is not overhyped. I love giving people gifts. And I feel like people are generally happier during December.” 

Christmas does have a vast array of iconic songs like “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Last Christmas”, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, and the list can go on and on. Thanksgiving has no well known songs to embrace the holiday like Christmas does.

Also, the cursed year of 2020 is in urgent need of some Christmas spirit. The flashing and colorful lights. The smell of the Christmas tree. The sweet taste of candy cane. The happiness and kindness flowing through the thick cold air. Early Christmas spirit might be a good way to end the devastating year of 2020.

Rebeca Cruz Vivas, another senior at Alta Loma High School and Varsity Soccer player, said “You see I love Christmas I wear Christmas socks all year long… Thanksgiving is already overshadowed by Christmas. I feel like Thanksgiving needs its own month of space however it’s between two great holidays Halloween and Christmas so it’s like a middle child who gets ignored.”

Christmas does already obscure Thanksgiving enough the least we can do is give its month of space. November also does have a unique Fall feeling that can only be truly embraced with Thanksgiving. The early celebration of Christmas could taint this feeling. 

Although Christmas typically overshadows Thanksgiving, upsetting many Thanksgiving lovers. The tragic year of  2020 makes the exception for early Christmas spirit to start in November to save the last remnants of the year.