Poor Seagulls


This seagull is looking for food on the ground

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

Our school is known for being “The Home of the Braves”, welcoming students and staff through its doors since 1963. However, people are not the only ones who inhabit our school. 

The seagulls have taken over! No one really knows how they ended up in Rancho, but one thing is for sure: they are here to stay! These seagulls used to reside in the Stater Brothers parking lot, harassing people as they tried to load their groceries into their car. 

Now, they swarm the skies during both lunches, waiting to pick up any scraps left behind by students. “I loved seeing the seagulls during lunch! For my friends and I, it became a normal routine for us to watch them fly around. It was also funny to see some students throw bread on the floor, and watching all of the seagulls swarm around it! Watching the seagulls at school is one of the many things I miss about campus for sure!” says Mia Iglesias, senior. 

Lately, however, everyone has been forced to change their lifestyles. Due to COVID 19, students haven’t been able to attend school physically. This means that there is no food leftover from lunch for the seagulls to eat. 

While some of the teachers are on campus, they do not leave messes behind like the students usually do.”I think the seagulls probably found another place like the retirement home or steal from the cafeteria when no ones looking,” says Delaney Degner, senior. 

Hopefully students will be able to return to school soon because these poor Seagulls just might go hungry. There’s also a possibility that they might leave and find a new place to go. We will just have to see!