5 Minute Crafts Needs to Stop


Five Minute Crafts should be cancelled

Devin Gross, Staff Writer

5 minute crafts. Everyone knows them. Everyone hates them. And if you don’t, you’re either 40 or a youtuber looking for easy content. 

The main goal is to save you time and money by solving your everyday problems with everyday items you wouldn’t expect to come in handy in this situation. However most of the time it’s more time consuming or even expensive than if you had just gone out and bought the thing specifically designed to do that thing you need to do. 

The instructions often tell you it’s a “simple fix” and yet they require you to use something you don’t own, and follow steps that you don’t know how to follow. 

Dylan Rosati makes the point of “Why would I go out and buy something I’ll only use this one time for this one thing when I’ll be doing that same thing if I just buy the thing meant for solving this problem?” 

“This one time I saw a video that said I should cut out and stitch in a replacement for the fabric of a t-shirt.” says Tyler Andresen. 

Most of the time the problem is simple. A stained shirt, a wet phone, or a scratched paint job. But one thing they often overlook, is that it’s not that hard to fix those things properly, with things specifically designed to fix them. Who needs to follow a 15 step, 30 minute guide when you could just buy something that probably maxes out at $10. 

The main problem with these crafts is that it wildly over estimates what the common person has available in their house. Last time I checked, most people don’t have petri dishes or spare lawnmowers lying around their home. And if you do, you can afford to go out and buy a $7 bottle of stain remover, instead of creating a contraption to get that pesky juice stain out of your favorite $5.99 Walmart graphic t-shirt.