iPad Babies Should Not Exist


This baby is being entertained by its parent’s iPad Photo Credit: physiciansnews.com

Devin Gross, Staff Writer

Technology has been man’s greatest achievement, yet it’s proving to become it’s greatest downfall. Originally, the access to all the media and information in the world was seen to be something that can boost the human race decades in the future. Now little kids slobber on their $400 phones while they play angry birds in the grocery store.

Now, little kids having access to phones and iPads isn’t in of itself a bad idea, however what often happens is parents get lazy, and just leave the kid to stare at whatever happens to entertain them.

Senior Taylor Yi says that “More often than not, parents should never treat technology as a one size fits all answer to their kids’ problems. You can never really fully control what your kids will see on the internet, so all of their time on the internet, at least from a young age, should be monitored.”

YouTube, Instagram, or some $2 app is often the go-to for kids that are just given phones with no instructions, and on all of them, most of the things they watch aren’t exactly “educational.” They often involve bright colors, loud noises, and no actual entertainment.

Now it’s not to say technology in the hands of young kids is always a bad idea. A little kid drooling over a color themed hide and seek video on a plan is much better than them screaming and crying instead. Plus, if parents actually utilize them properly, apps can be one of the most effective and educational tools available.

Tyler Andresen talks about how “When I was a kid, I was allowed to use phones when i was very young, but my parents gave me only educational games. I still loved playing them, because I was a little kid and all I cared about was playing video games, no matter what they were about.”

As always, technology is a great power, it’s just most parents don’t have the great responsibility part down. But taking the tech out of the equation isn’t the way to go about it. The best thing to do is to teach parents how to teach their kids.