Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

Lady Gaga poses for the camera. Photo courtesy of

Emily Leach, Staff Writer

On November 6th, 2013, Lady Gaga released her synth-pop album ARTPOP. At the time, this album was loved and immensely popular amongst her fans and some critiques. Now, 8 years later, the album is trending once again and has hit both the Billboard and iTunes charts. 

This all started when a fan of Gaga’s on the social media app Twitter started a “petition” for the singer-songwriter to release the B-sides, or a part II of the ARTPOP album.

This tweet went viral, and many people started agreeing and telling others to purchase the album on iTunes. Not long after, the hashtag #buyARTPOPoniTunes was trending. 

Due to the hashtag trending, many people began to stream the album frequently. At 9PM on April 12th, ARTPOP reached #3 on the iTunes and Billboard album rankings.

Throughout the night, the traction towards the album quickly grew, and soon after the album hit #3, it made its way to #2 on the album charts. 

A few hours after Gaga’s album began trending and rapidly increasing in popularity, she tweeted her thanks to her fans, saying “I fell apart after I released this album. Thank you for celebrating something that once felt like a destruction. We always believed it was ahead of its time. Years later turns out, sometimes, artists know. And so do little monsters. Paws up.” 

While Lady Gaga and her record label have not yet confirmed that a second part to ARTPOP is going to be released, many people are hoping that with the original album now trending for a second time, they will get to experience the second half.

ARTPOP  was truly ahead of its time, and its newfound popularity has proved this fact time and time again. Congrats, Lady Gaga!