2021 NFL Draft


Mac Jones was among those who were selected.

Devin Gross, Staff Writer

With all of the craziness of the past year, it is nice to see something that every sports fan looks forward to: the NFL draft.

For those unaware, the NFL draft gives teams the chance to choose top prospects of the nation and implement them onto their team. And with 20 positions available, there’s plenty of players to choose from.

When people think of important positions, they often think of 2 positions: quarterback, and wide receiver. However there’s plenty of positions that are just as important, but much less recognized.

Whether it’s an elite guard that keeps your quarterback safe, or a free safety that can lockdown the entire 2nd half of the field, every position is vital to the success of a team. With the most recent draft, it was long speculated that it would take place completely virtually.

Fortunately, the players got to experience their lifelong dream in person, and it’s an experience they won’t forget.

Senior Michael Marescal said, “It was nice seeing something that almost everyone loves return: Football. To see people’s biggest worry being who their team is taking in the 3rd round, It was a good experience for everyone.”

The NFL is the highest level of competition, so any player at this level, whether #1 prospect Trevor Lawrence, or last chosen player Grant Stuard, they are undoubtedly the best in the nation.

For many of the players, this level of fame and fortune is something they could only dream of. Top running back prospect Najee Harris actually held his draft viewing at the homeless shelter where he would often spend his nights as a kid. When he was drafted 24th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was a story unlike any other.

“Of course I would’ve wanted to play in the NFL,” says senior Nick Lord. “And I don’t even like football.”

And even for those undrafted by the end of the draft, there is always something more. Whether it’s joining a smaller league, like the FCF or the XFL, or even being taken onto a team as a UDFA, or undrafted free agent, they can still make a name for themselves worldwide.