Finals Before Freedom

Good Luck on finals Braves! Just a few more hours till freedom!

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Good Luck on finals Braves! Just a few more hours till freedom!

Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

After a long semester filled with multitudes of assignments, projects, etc there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is either summer or winter break. These breaks are a fun time for most students because it’s a time of no responsibilities, but there’s one last hurdle to get through before you can enjoy that break. Finals! 

For some finals are a stress-filled nightmare because it’s considered the biggest assignment of the semester. Other students don’t really stress over finals because they feel they’ve prepared themselves enough over the weeks leading up to it. Whether it’s a test or a final project the emotions and preparation look different for every student. 

Junior Milani Quintero says, “I usually do find finals stressful because it counts for a lot of your final grade so there’s a lot of pressure to get the best grade you can. I think projects are more stressful than tests though.” 

Sophomore Dylan O’Neill said “I have mostly tests for my finals so there not really stressful just because in my brain I don’t really differentiate it from any other test. They’re basically just like other tests I’ve taken to show what I learned about a certain subject or topic.” 

Junior Riley Franco added that “I find finals particularly harder because in the weeks leading up to the end of a semester I feel like my brain kinda checks out. I get so excited about the break that it’s hard to keep the motivation to push through the end.” 

Junior Alexi Escobar contradicted that by saying “I actually feel like I’m the total opposite whereas towards the end of the semester I’m able to push harder to improve my grades the best I can.” 

Based on these answers it seems like the stress towards finals is a completely individual experience simply because many people treat stress in general differently. For some it depends on the kind of final you’re taking which adds to the amount you stress over it. Whats also interesting is the physical responses to feeling stressed that people have. For some it helps them and for others it hurts them. 

Either way finals are something all students have to experience at some point whether you would like to or not. The best way to keep calm and collected but also be prepared is to study and to keep a positive attitude!