The Brave Times Journalism Class of 2021

What can we say except: you’re welcome!


Photo Created by Salma Calderon

The Class of 2021 Senior Editors: Salma Calderon, Paige Johnson, Makenzie Guillen, and Ahmari Rudolph, all in one.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

Journalism is a class offered to students who want to work as a team to create the school newspaper that everyone loves. The school newspaper has been printed since our school opened in 1963, originally called the TeePee Times, but later changed to the Brave Times. 

This year, however, we were forced to go online due to the pandemic. Although this change wasn’t what we wanted, we still made the best of it. Our website took some getting used to, and in-person interviews weren’t an option, so there were definitely some adjustments to be made. 

One thing that was definitely tough this year was not being able to enjoy the typical things that we do each year in this class. The day that we would disperse ourselves around the school to pass out the fresh issue of the newspaper has and always will be the best part about journalism. 

Seeing our peers read the articles we wrote around school, and taking a copy home to show our family and friends outside of school is one of the best feelings. As seniors this year, it was hard to fathom that we weren’t able to print physical papers during our last year in this class, or for some of us our first. 

Salma Calderon, the Editor in Chief this year, has been a part of this class for all 4 years of high school. “Being Editor-In-Chief this year was really a whole different experience, it was fun yet stressful all in one especially with a whole different system we had to create as a class. I loved being the Editor-In-Chief because I got to work with who I loved and knew I worked well with, this class is the highlight of my day everyday.

I was glad enough to take charge of what was needed to: making slides with story assignments, taking charge in the story ideas meeting, I sometimes even enjoyed staying up late to work on editing/publishing stories to get the job done and have the Editors not stress because… stress isn’t a good thing. 

Though being skeptical the first year (my freshman year) of this class, I knew enough by the end I wanted to continue to work in Journalism because my love for news and writing just skyrocketed to a whole different level. 

The environment of the class was just what I enjoyed, in that class I formed the strongest bonds and greatest friends I would have for my next four years and I stayed long enough to achieve the goal I had always wanted, which was being the Editor-In-Chief of the Brave Times. 

I am always way too proud of this class and being apart of the schools newspaper but it isn’t a bad thing because I absolutely love what I do and really want to make this my future, this class and the last four years has inspired me to stretch this further off into college and as a future career and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for that,” says Salma Calderon, senior. 

Another senior, Ahmari Rudolph, has also spent the last 4 years in this class. “My favorite year of journalism was last year because the new people in the class made the environment much more fun than previous years. I chose to become an editor because I like the responsibilities that come with it,” says Ahmari Rudolph, senior. 

Other seniors from this year’s staff haven’t been in the class quite as long, however they still were great assets to our team. Paige Johnson, Devin Gross, AJ Descalasota, and I all have been a part of the class for two years. Nathaniel Barbosa, the newest member of our class, joined this year. 

“I didn’t decide to join Journalism on my own, it kind of just showed up on my schedule so I thought I might as well give it a shot. My favorite part about this class was having the freedom to write about topics that I like such as Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl this year and Justice League The Snyder Cut. I wish I would have joined this class sooner, because this is the type of class that you should take in person instead of over zoom,” says Nathaniel Barbosa, senior.

This year has been full of highs and lows. There have been many changes, some good, some not so good. From starting off our mornings with Talbot’s famous daily questions, playing Among Us on occasion, and waving goodbye at the end of each zoom, this year will definitely be unforgettable. 

While us seniors are sad to leave, we know that the time has come for us to pass the torch onto next year’s class. Best of luck!


-Journalism Seniors, Class of 2021