Celebrities in Politics


Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair News

Caitlyn Jenner announced that she will be running for Governor.

Chris Apablaza, Staff Writer

In recent years, celebrities have been joining in on politics in the U.S. and people everywhere have been talking about it.

There’s been an estimated 50 celebrities who joined in politics, and won, in just North America alone. In 2020, during the presidential voting, singer Kanye West joined in politics and he racked up on barely 60,000 votes of a total estimate of 160 million. 

Although he lost, he still continued on, and plans on joining the presidential race once again in 2024. Now recently as of April 2021, TV personality, and retired gold medal decathlete, Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she will run for governor of California.

Many people in California think she is foolish for running, but it seems that she has a large following in the Republican party. 

Even ex-California governor Arnold Schwaznegger stated that Caitlyn Jenner has a chance of winning. Politics are now seemingly areas where celebrities are going to frequent in, and it seems that if celebrities in politics might be a common thing.

Who knows maybe Tik Tokers will join political campaigns later on!

 All though fun and games aside, celebrities have an advantage though in politics, which are fans. Social Media is a great tool, and if these celebrities have a primarily large following, and these fans are loyal, these celebrities could have a chance of winning in politics.

Ava Vaerini, 9th grade, stated on Caitlyn Jenner, “I’m happy that she is getting the media attention and people are taking her seriously as a transgender women, but I really hope she isn’t doing it for the media attention and actually cares about our state. I just don’t know how the Republicans that want a recall on Newsom, will feel [about Jenner] considering a lot of them are transphobic”.

Andrew Flores, 11th grade, agrees and said “I’m happy that there are openly trans people running for office but I’m not really supportive of her personality”.

Andrew said that celebrities don’t really care when they run. “I think if they genuinely cared they’d put more effort into supporting other politicians rather than running themselves. I think anyone with a plan should be able to run, but so far I don’t see a cohesive plan from them so far”, stated Andrew.

Ava thinks that celebrities running in politics have some pros, as she said “Some celebrities have started from rock bottom and understand what it’s like to work hard in America but because of nepotism, a lot were born into the industry and don’t understand the struggles of working which I find hypocritical sometimes. I think that POC + LBGTQ+ celebrities do understand the hate and bigotry though and have ideas to help make our country a safer place for everyone”.

On the other hand, focusing on the cons, Andrew thinks that celebrities make politics look like a joke, and that people will stop caring for it and it’s going to lose its importance. Andrew and Ava both agree that it could be more common that celebrities will join politics. 

Ava said, “It COULD become more common because of our obsession with celebrities and some people might even listen to them more than politics. I think celebrities SHOULD be using their platform for politics, not necessarily running for a spot in them, because the entire world has their eye on them and can be influenced by their ideas. That’s why I hate compliant famous people that don’t say anything especially during these times like this because even just a few words could change so many people’s lives”.

They also agreed that celebrities are not fools for joining in politics, with Andrew saying, “I don’t think so. I think they know what they are doing. They know how to manipulate the game either as a publicity stunt or if they were to be elected they would persuade California into lower tax cuts for them and their friends. 

They’re playing a game right in front of us and we don’t have much we can do”. Ava stated “I don’t think they’re fools if they know what they’re doing and have actual solutions. If they’re actually making a difference by spreading the word, protesting, etc then I’m all for it. I definitely think they need to start small before running for something like president”.

Finally a word of advice, Ava and Andrew give to celebrities who are running for politics. Andrew’s advice is “Politics are important. They affect everyone. If you care the slightest bit about making a change, you wouldn’t be running”.

Ava’s advice is “I just advise them to research and know what they’re talking about before spewing stuff that they don’t understand the impact of (Republican or Democrat), and actually care about what you’re saying”. 

Celebrities joining politics is a big step for them, and whether they are doing it for themselves only for the matter of the county, state, country, they all must need one factor. They must care for what they are doing. Politics change a lot of things and they must obviously care because they need to know if they win, they are changing the lives of millions of people. 

Celebrities can join politics, and hopefully over time people can have a celebrity candidate who is knowledgeable, caring, and a leader.