What will School be like Post-Pandemic?


Photo Courtesy of forbes.com

Life after the pandemic: what will happen?

Tionni Reed, Staff Writer

Everyone can agree that since the pandemic schools haven’t really been the same. The virus prevented people from safely attending traditional school in person like we usually would; so many of us had to in turn adapt to it.

It’s been a challenge for everyone: students, teachers and parents. Many people struggled with learning to work ZOOM and Canvas for the first time or getting used to the different scheduling. Not to mention the problem teachers faced trying to find ways to cover as much curricular as they could.

The recent release of the vaccine though has given us the opportunity to return to school on hybrid schedules; attending the classes in person some days and online others. While it’s definitely progress–its not exactly the same.

Many people are worried about how long it will take for the schools to get back any sense of normalcy they had before, and what impact the pandemic might be leaving in the long run. Others are worried about how well students will be able to adjust back after a year of quarantine.

Will it be difficult for some students to make the switch back from online to in-person? What about the incoming freshmen? How can we make sure to make it as easy as possible for them to enter High School? There’s a lot of questions being asked right now.

“I get tired and stressed out easily. I don’t know it just seems like school would be a lot harder right now if it were to be back in person,” said Keira Seo-McKimmey, a current 9th grader.

A lot of students feel the same way about the situation with many, especially the ones still staying at home full time, that “it’s just too much too fast”.

In short many are hoping that the school will consider keeping with the hybrid scheduling for a little while longer. In the last couple days they’ve decided to open up the option to get vaccinated for kids 12-15 now.

The CDC has also announced that since the vaccine was a success, people who got them no longer have to wear their masks out and don’t have to obey the 6 feet apart rule.

““If you are fully vaccinated, you can start doing the things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic. We have all longed for this moment, when we can get back to some sense of normalcy,” spoken by Dr. Walensky, the Director of CDC.

So as of right now, as long as you’ve gotten BOTH of your COVID shots and aren’t in a place where it’s still required by federal, state, local, or tribal laws (ex. a local business with a sign) you can walk around outside with other vaccinated people with no mask like nothing ever happened.

Which makes us that much closer to getting back to the way things were before.