Final Semester of 2021


Mark it off on your calender’s, May 20 is the final day of the 2021 school year!

Nathaniel Barbosa, Staff Writer

The final semester of the 2020-2021 school year has arrived for Alta Loma High School. The most stressful part of the school year is upon the Alta Loma High School students.

It’s time for the final exams, sleepless nights of cramming, and fried brains. Through the fog shines the hot beams of summer.

Josue Torres, an Alta Loma senior and Varsity football player said, “Yeah I’m ready for summer. It’s a much needed vacation for sure, especially after the next few weeks of tests and projects. I’m ready to have a great summer before college and the real work world hits, but I still need to finish this semester strong.”

Seniors have a different final schedule compared to the other classes, because of AP exams and graduation. 

Jasmine Ramirez, an Alta Loma High School Senior and ASB publicity member said, “I’m not too worried about finals, mostly because some of my teachers aren’t having any. A lot of kids have AP exams and Seniors have Graduation on Thursday while the rest of the school still have class. It gets complicated for the teachers that have mixed classes to have a test over zoom that week.”

The Freshmen are thankful to become Sophomores without stepping a foot on campus.

The Sophomores await upperclassmen status.

The Juniors prepare to be the top dog on campus.

The Seniors begin a new journey, most starting over as a freshman in college. Seniors prepare to take in their last days as a highschooler at Prom and Senior Sunset before their graduation on May 20, 2021.