Rolling the Summer Fashion In


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Summer in California calls for a nice pair of shorts/skirts and cool clothing for 100 degrees.

Paige Johnson, Editor

The weather is getting warmer.

Teachers are preparing for finals. Students are reaching the end of the school year which could only mean one thing. Summer is coming.

Now that the weather is getting warmer people can no longer feel comfortable outside with jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, and layers of all sorts so it is time for summer attire.

As we all know summer attire is ever changing and the style is different each year. Sometimes it’s oversized shirts and shorts, while another time it’s crop tops and patterned shorts. So what is the plan for this year?

In 2021, following the major fashion brands, floral prints as well as other prints are rising the ranks for shirts. Lighter tones are also coming back for summer, mainly pastel. Lighter tones have always been a continuous trend for summer as darker tones are more fall/winter colors.

Sophomore Taylor Gestl talks about her go-to summer outfits and she states “During the summer I like to wear t-shirts and shorts because it’s comfortable and the temperature is always so hot I do not want to overheat.”

Samantha Passwater, freshman, says the same thing, “During the summer I like to wear shorts and t-shirts. I like to be comfortable so it is perfect.”

Summer style is such a broad spectrum and even though the clothes are all sort of the same short sleeve and little to no pants everyone wears something different depending on their personal style.

Summer clothing, especially in California, aims to keep people cool and comfortable but looking good.