Varsity Dance: Here We Are!


Photo Courtesy of Alta Loma Dance Instagram

Our Alta Loma High wonderful Varsity Dance Team lined up!

Emily Leach, Staff Writer

At Alta Loma, our dance teams are some of the most well-known clubs in the school.

Each year, the dance team is recognized for their immense talent and hard work from both the staff and students.

However, this year, those dancers’ talents were recognized by many more people than we are used to. So many people, in fact, recognized these dancers’ skill that the Alta Loma varsity dance team was able to make it to the National level of a dance competition

During this 2021 school year, the varsity dance team was invited to compete in a competition held by the USA Dance Program.

The USA Dance Program is a well-known program for dancers that provides many things such as dance camps and competitions.

At the competition held this year, the varsity dance team quickly stood out. On April 21, the Alta Loma Dance Instagram tweeted that the varsity team made it to the finals for this competition; and on May 2nd, the team’s Instagram that they were currently at the Nationals Viewing Day. 

The ALHS Varsity dancers have worked extremely hard to get where they are today, and it has all paid off.

The indisputable talent these girls have is now being recognized across the nation, and all of Alta Loma is very proud. Congratulations, ladies, and good luck at the competition!