2021 Final Sport Seasons

Nicholas Khoury, Staff Writer

The 2021 season has been long awaited for our sports teams. Now, almost done with it, many of our sports have played at ALHS. Our athletes have been putting in effort on the field and in the classroom. Baseball, Softball, Football, and Tennis have all played this year.

Soccer and dance are still having practices. Aquatic sports like swim and water polo have also practiced.

Although football and softball have gone without a win, baseball has been doing good and tennis has been great. Freshman baseball is sitting with a 5-3 record. They have not lost a series to any rival schools yet.

When asked about their thoughts on this season, some students were nice enough to share their experiences thus far.

Robert Moraga, a Freshman on the Frosh/Soph Football Team, said, “Although we did not win a game, we came really close in some of them and put up a good fight. Whether we won or lost, it was still great to be out there representing Alta Loma Football. We are definitely going to work on getting better throughout the offseason.”

Mackenzie Clark, a Freshman on the Varsity Softball Team, said that, “Representing Alta Loma and playing softball has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I can not wait to do it again next year after this year is over.”

It sounds like that although many sports have been struggling as of late, the athletes on said sports have been having fun doing what they love.

They all know what it means to represent Alta Loma. It is good to see that our athletes are playing for the names on the front of their jerseys, and not the ones on the back.