Zodiac Signs Trending on TikTok


Photo Courtesy of Dailymail.com

Base the style and decor of your room from your zodiac sign right here on TikTok.

Sofia Estrella, Staff Writer

A new trend on tiktok has started circling the internet where people are given certain things when based on their compatibility of their zodiac signs.

Zodiac sings seem to be one of the most talked about topics for a while so  this trend started people weren’t surprised.   

Different zodiacs receive different categories like what different TV shows you like based off your zodiac sign, or what room you get based off your sign, and then the videos show different styled rooms to match each zodiac’s aesthetic.

The main point of these videos is to show what “vibes” are given off by each zodiac sign. A lot of the videos showcase the bad stereotypes of certain zodiac signs which cause a lot of debate on whether the zodiac sign is good or bad.   

Gemini’s “tend to cause drama and be problematic” while Pisces are” selfish and manipulative”.  

Some comments say, “I don’t really care for zodiac signs as much as some, and I don’t understand them one bit. It’s not something i would talk to someone about, it’s also sometimes really mean”

Freshman Sarai Frezquez states, “Some people are either really interested in Astrology or tend to not really care. Either way this trend has appeared to have led to many stereotypes of certain people, some hurtful. Astrology has been around for many years and is used in certain sacred cultures. 

It was said to be used by ancient Egyptians as well as the Aztecs and the Mayans. Now, some people have called for concern about people using it in a hurtful and “trendy” way.

“ I really like astrology and all that, although i don’t know everything about it, I’m excited to learn. Those videos on Tik Tok are really funny to me, which I think is the whole point. It’s just funny to see everyone arguing in the comments.”

Freshman Jessica Gavilanes says, “Whether people really enjoy it or not this trend seems to have a lot of people worked up. It’s just important to note that this trend seems simply for comedic purposes along with several other Astrology trends.”

Just remember that in an all in all, this is a trend and should be kept as fun. From Aquarius to Sagittarius, you got a lot of full style in you.