Hybrid is the New Learning System

Sofia Estrella, Staff Writer

Some students at Alta Loma high have chosen to go hybrid for the remainder of the school year.

As Covid 19 lockdown progresses, places are opening back up more including most schools in certain districts.

Some students and staff chose to come back and enjoy face to face contact while following guidelines, and some students and staff chose to stay home and safe. 

This has been a stressful time for students and teachers learning and teaching completely online. One of the hardest parts about online learning, according to many students, is keeping up with assignments and making sure of the understatement of that course.

Hybrid allows students to find some more help in in- person teaching. 

“ I chose to stay home because I am so used to my routine everyday and just didn’t want the stress of restarting. I also wanted to stay home for my family’s safety. I would rather have a fresh start for Sophomore year.” Says freshman Jessica Gavilanes 

Schools may be opening up and the Covid 19 tier is coming down, but people can still be affected by it. So Alta Loma, like many schools, is still following the guidelines to ensure safety.

Students walk in through the East gate and instantly check their temperatures, classes are limited to students to keep a healthy distance. Sanitization is stocked throughout the school and desks are wiped down after each student has used them.

And throughout these protocols students are mandated to wear masks the whole school day. 

“ I chose to go back to school cause I missed the school environment. I don’t like wearing masks all the time and our lunch period is for a short period of time but overall I like being back in school full time.” Freshman Miranda Futrell states. 

Students who have been hybrid are now apparently allowed to come back full time instead of just two days a week. The school year is almost at an end with just a few short weeks ahead, a lot of students as well as teachers and staff are looking forward to summer and a long, and much needed break.

Come August, all students will be coming back to Alta Loma for in person school , given the pandemic doesn’t hit with another wave of cases, Alta Loma will be happy to have their Braves back.