Prom 2021


Photo Courtesy of Principal Kaylor's Twitter

Principal Kaylor with King Leo, the Prom King of 2021.

Salma Calderon, Editor-In-Chief

May 8th, 2021 will marked on of the most special nights the Class of 2021 has had: Prom Night!

ASB and the administration team along with Alta Loma Highs PTA have been able to help set up a long awaited event such as Prom for the Seniors.

This years theme was Around the World, which was announced in a Senior survey taken by the class of 2021 about graduation and prom altogether. Students got to experience the theme through different places like Paris and Japan and enjoy a live DJ, a photo booth to take photos with friends and mocktails.

Though this year has been tough and very different, there were slight changes due to safety regulations but it wasn’t a worry because it was all settled out. Seniors were able to choose between six different time frames with their friends, either on the east or west quad that only have 50 spaces each.

Those filled up fast within the day of the email being sent about Senior activities, especially the 6:45 p.m. time slot in the west and east quad.

Prom court has been chosen and coronation was set on Friday, May 7th around 7 p.m. in the Senior Prom Rally in the Uhalley Stadium all just for the Class of 2021, and everyone made sure to bring ID and their best yells yet to see their friends drive up as court.

Princess and Princes were chosen and took their rank onto the stage for the crowning of King and Queen. The court included six senior girls and six senior boys.

Though in the end, the Prom King and Queen were: Leo and Taylor Yi. A big congratulations to them!

Prom was $20 for entrance along with Senior student ID for verification, masks were required and of course social distance, but most importantly the thing was to have the most fun you can have.

Music, lights, friends, small snacks and photo booths… it was a great simple night to be with the Senior Class of 2021 by the new constructed gym that was glowing with everyone else.

Class of 2021 had a blast at Prom with everyone they know and love at our beloved school.