The Death of Mario Gonzales

Mario Gonzales: father, brother, and beloved son. May he gain justice and peace in heaven.

Photo Courtesy of KTVU FOX 2

Mario Gonzales: father, brother, and beloved son. May he gain justice and peace in heaven.

Salma Calderon, Editor-In-Chief

On April 19, 2021, Mario Gonzalez, a 26-year-old Latino man who was unarmed in a park in Alameda, California, was killed by three officers, Eric McKinely, Cameron Leahy, and James Fisher, of the Alameda Police Department.

It had been suspected that he was intoxicated during the time of his “arrest”, though that hadn’t been the case.

Previously a man and woman were in the park Mario was in and they had called 911 to report that Gonzalez was “not doing anything wrong… [he was] just scaring my wife”, as that was reported McKinely, Leahy and Fisher report to the scene and approach Gonzalez, who calmly spoke to the officers about the situation brought up and cooperated as he had to.

Though with no product of an ID, the officers stated that he placed his hands behind his back… not moments later they began to tell him to “stop resisting” though in reality Gonzalez was not resisting the officers but pleading for them to stop their producing brutality.

Proceeding with the “process”, the officers push him face down onto the ground, proceed to place their knee on his neck and hold down as Gonzalez begins to plead and in long moments after he was pronounced dead.

We have seen this similar case before with the death of George Floyd back in the Summer of 2020, and not even a whole year later the same incident happens again.

Mario Gonzalez was a 26-year-old man who was a father, a son, a brother, a primary caretaker for his mother and brother with autism and mostly importantly, Mario was another human being whose life was taken away again by the corruption of the justice force.

The Officers plead and took accountability and were placed on a PAID administrative LEAVE. The family of Mario Gonzalez took their right to file a civil lawsuit against the Alameda Police Department and immediately everything was taken under investigation especially as video evidence from Officer McKinely’s body cam was released and now have public viewing of the brutal murder.

The family and as well as the Latino community have been hurt and appalled by such force taken with what happened.

There were small protests taken in hopes to “wake up” the people of what goes on to the Latino community and hopes to make such a big movement but voices have been shut due other factors happening within the world, but they will not stay quiet.

Twitter, an extending large platform, were the one of the first to begin with only a small amount in the Latino community to share off resources, petitions and threads with reliable resources about the case for others to see and hopefully spread further out.

The family’s voices will never be silenced as long as they keep on remembering Mario.

We send love, prayers, and donations to Mario Gonzalez’s family, though nothing could ever replace a human life that was taken away too soon.

May he rest in peace and justice be served correctly this time. We hope people’s eyes open for real.