Zodiac Horoscope 9/27- 10/3


Valerie Diaz-Ruiz, Editor

Aries: Always remember to keep three pens on you throughout the week. You may discover you make decisions this week where multiple pens will be needed. Black pens to be specific. 

Taurus: Animals can help soothe the soul. This week you should buy a pet bunny. Pet bunnies will attract abundance for you. 

Gemini: Go outside and ground yourself with nature. Dirt body rubbing is something you should research. Dirt is a great exfoliate for the skin. 

Cancer: Stuffed pets are not good for you. If you own stuffed animals especially a stuffed otter you are being called to release them. Release them to the trash. 

Leo: The hair is an asset to one’s appearance. Don’t over wash your hair and always keep 4 scrunchies on you at all times. 

Virgo: Not everything is gonna go according to plan how you would like. Take a walk outside 12 times. 

Libra: Denim on denim is a bold fashion statement. Don’t make one. Wear a funky hat but don’t expect to look like Keira Knightly. 

Scorpio: Take a chill pill, sit back, and get a chai tea latte. Your back will thank you. Tip your server.

Capricorn: Money is coming towards you. You will find that 100 dollar bill you lost. If not then you’re gonna find another 100 dollars soon. 

Aquarius: Step out of your comfort zone and go jump off that plane already. You know you want to. 

Pisces: Do you like to fish? Fish like to fish you. Also, fix your posture so you don’t end up alone.