Why You Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


Covid-19 Vaccine

Shelby Summerhays, Entertainment and Style Editor

As COVID-19 related cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have grown to an increasing large amount across the world during the past year, it is more vital than ever that Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  Numerous studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC), have found that the COVID-19 vaccine offers better protection than natural immunity, and even for those who have contracted the disease, the vaccine will help prevent reinfections.  

According to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, “Getting the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others around you, especially as the more contagious Delta variant spreads around the country.”   A recent study discovered that the vaccine has prevented COVID-19 related hospitalizations among those of the highest risk.  

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for everyone.  It was developed using science and technology that has been around for decades.  Sophomore, Sydney Cordova said, “I think since we have gone back to school it is really important that people get vaccinated.”  

Additionally, the vaccine has gone through all required stages of clinical trials, and has also undergone the most extensive testing and safety monitoring in U.S. history.   

Even those rare individuals that contracted COVID-19 after being partially or fully vaccinated, they still only had a mild and short term illness in comparison to those who are unvaccinated.  Zoey Allen said, “Anyone that still feels nervous or uneasy about being around others should probably get vaccinated because it will most likely help them feel better.” 

Not only does the vaccine help the person who received it but also those that they will come into contact with.   Getting vaccinated and wearing masks indoors in public areas will help greatly reduce the spread overall, and help everyone gradually return to their normal lives.