Hurricane Ida’s Disasters


Adrees Latif

Stop sign in Grand Isle, Lousiana.

Mariafernanda Soto, Opinions and Features Editor

Hurricane Ida has damaged so many cities, there have been so many floods and a couple of deaths. This hurricane lasted for about a week starting on Aug 30, 2021. There are many reasons that people can get as to why this hurricane formed, but one main reason that scientists have said is because of climate change, this is what made this hurricane. It destroyed and killed many people and houses. So many are homeless, many will move someplace else. It is really sad to hear the people will move after these places have been their home for a long time, maybe even their whole life. 

This hurricane hit Louisiana first, many people were worried as to what might have happened if it hit New Orleans. The reason for this is because this city is really big on tourism. Approximately about 200,000 people stayed in New Orleans as the category 4 storm destroyed nearby cities. There are so many people that are still recovering from the Katrina Hurricane that hit about 16 years ago. 

“She’s still traumatized from the last time she tried to leave the city 16 years ago during Hurricane Katrina after being stuck on the road for hours trying to evacuate. Katrina was a Category 3 storm when it made landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi. She knew this storm, a Category 4 at landfall that brought sustained winds of 140 mph to southeast Louisiana, would be worse, but financially, leaving wasn’t an option,” said Tiffany Bailey, a resident from New Orleans (NWNO, 89.9, radio)

Floods plus destruction happened in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana, Pennsylvania. There have been a total of 71 deaths overall. This is really sad and I hope that These states get better soon and recuperate from this ugly hurricane.