Are Socks with Sandals the Newest Rising Trend?


Socks with Sandals

Joel Woodcook, Staff Writer

Socks and Sandals: Will they Return?

Socks and sandals became popular in the 1980’s, and were worn long before that. They have, however, greatly declined in style over the last few years. Regardless, there are many benefits to such an attire that prove that they are for everyone, and can be worn anywhere.

There are many who oppose socks and sandals, considering the fact that they are too casual and restrictive. Some would say that socks and sandals are actually counterproductive, as sandals are meant to allow freedom for your feet, which is limited by wearing socks. They also say that socks and sandals have a poor, if not outright bad, look to them.

“They’re a dad thing, and they look bad,” stated Dylan Kuch, a student at Alta Loma High School.

While these points are valid, the benefits to wearing socks with sandals simply outweigh them. Many who dress as such find it to be comfortable, as well as easy. Socks provide warmth for one’s feet, and sandals are easy and comfortable shoes. These two things combined make them quite comfortable, which outweighs any concerns about style.

“Socks keep feet warm and sandals are comfortable to wear. It may not look good for others, but it is comfortable,” stated Leonardo Rivera, a freshman at Alta Loma High School.

The ease of socks and sandals allow them to be worn at home or out and about. Though they are not that protective, that is a small price to pay. Such an attire can be worn with most outfits, making them an easy choice. As such, they could easily come back as a style at any time.