FDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine


Photo Courtesy of www.fda.gov

Javier Arredondo, Editor

 On August 23rd, the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. All vaccines had previously been only authorized for emergency use, causing many people to be skeptical about taking them. However, with this breakthrough news, it could lead to vaccine rates increasing and COVID rates decreasing.  

  When the vaccines first came out, 3 companies released their vaccines to be distributed to the public for free. It was a slow process to get people to take them, but slowly the vaccine rate was increasing. People designated high-risk were first to get the shot, while essential workers were next in line. As these people began taking the vaccine with very minimal and normal vaccine side effects, non-essential workers and teenagers began taking the vaccine. Soon, by May 2021, the rate of people being vaccinated was increasing while the rate of people catching the virus was decreasing. This caused California governor Gavin Newsom to announce that most of California could go maskless by June 15th. When this day came, however, many people had already been vaccinated, and the acceptance rate was decreasing while the number of COVID cases were increasing. 

  With the vaccine being approved, the government hopes that this news will make people believe that the vaccine is safe to take.

 “I think that people were waiting for it to be approved and now it finally has, but people are still neglecting to take it which really puts the U.S. in a tight spot because there’s honestly nothing you can do to convince those people to get it.” said John Ayad, junior. 

He also said he believed people would just keep making excuses. 

  The theory with the vaccine rate declining is that all the people who wanted to take the vaccine have gotten it, while the ones who haven’t gotten it probably won’t change their minds. The news about the vaccine being FDA approved should hopefully comfort people on the fence about getting the shot, as they now have information from a trusted administration that the vaccine is safe to take.