How Teens Really Feel About All-American Season 3


All-American Season 3

Nizar Masri, Staff Writer

All American recently ended its long awaited third season in late July. The new release did not shy away from confronting profound issues with one of its episodes beginning with a police shooting. All American has a history of portraying controversial themes throughout the story.

To some viewers that is viewed as a negative. In a poll of 90 students 54% said All American was not enjoyable because of its political or controversial themes. Overall, most respondents chose All American as not enjoyable for one reason or another. However, All American did better in the eyes of movie critics, scoring a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and never dipping below 4 stars on other sites.

What better place to find out why the show’s demographic disliked a football show than from the football team themselves.

“Me myself I’m an African American” Rush began, breaking into laughter, “so for me to watch that was very moving, I really appreciate that, and I don’t mind when shows get realistic. Overall, I would give the show a 9 out of 10.”

His teammate and cornerback Brendan Boyer offered an opposing opinion on the show, “It’s a good show, the BLM thing was just kind of boring, I just wanted to watch football. That’s not to say I disagree with BLM; I just watch TV to be entertained and escape reality.” Boyer finished his set and pondered, “overall I would give the show a 7/10.”

 In terms of substance and plot All American excelled, however preference is playing a major role in how the show is being received.