Opinion on the Maks Mandate!!


Brave Bulletin

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

Masks in ALHS are not such a favored idea. Students in the Alta Loma High School do not like the idea of wearing a face mask every second of them being inside a building. With there being a newer and more dangerous Covid-19 it will have to be mandatory for students to always keep their masks up and with them. Many teachers have said that the masks are not so comfortable, but they have to wear them due to state rights,

It is a rule to wear a mask so Covid-19 levels do not get higher and students can continue getting their education. Some students prefer not to wear and disobey the rules. In the year 2021 students are allowed to attend school but only if they put on a face mask. Students in the Alta Loma High School are sometimes not wearing their masks in doors. That can be dangerous because they can affect the students near them and send them to quarantine.  ”They are suffocating,”said Alta Loma High School freshman student Hailey Peregrina.

“ I think it’s all right because it is for your safety and safety is the number one priority. You also want to keep your family members safe or friends. So, it also is annoying because you can’t breathe that much. Overall, I think it’s all right.” ALHS freshman student Devin Hurtado said about the mask mandate. Just with that you can see masks are not such a popular idea.  It is not just Alta Loma High School, schools, and public areas across the United States need it mandatory to wear masks. California went from not needing masks anymore to there being a newer disease and needing masks again. With this new Covid-19 Delta there could be a larger disaster than what Covid-19 caused. Having to wear a mask is now a mask mandate.