First Club Rush of the 2021 School Year


Luke R. Winters

Photo By Luke R. Winters

Luke R. Winters , Staff Writer

On Wednesday, September 8th, Alta Loma High School had its first Club Rush of the 2021-2022 school year. Club Rush is an event where students of Alta Loma are able to learn about the different clubs at Alta Loma. 26 clubs in total participated. This event was overseen by Samantha Kettle, the director of activities here at Alta Loma.

“We usually do it at the beginning of each semester, so that way we can regenerate interest in all the clubs,” said Kettle.

The clubs of Alta Loma had seen a significant decrease in activity due to Covid; many clubs that were active before Covid no longer are. However, they are starting to bounce back, and already new clubs have started to fill the gaps.

“Before Covid we probably had about 38 clubs, but right now we’re already at 26 which is great to start the year off,” said Kettle.

Clubs are a very important part of the school, and so by extension, so is Club RushClubs help students feel like a part of the school and feel welcomed. New students who are looking to get involved can find an opportunity with the many clubs of the school.

“The goal is to make sure that everyone has a place to fit in on this campus,” said Kettle.

Clubs are already starting to grow, and largely due to Club Rush. Some clubs gained as many as 180 new members, while some may have gained 20 or so. But whether big or small, clubs still play a very important role here at Alta Loma, and we have Club Rush to thank for their success.