Sports in the New Gym


Photo courtesy of Varsity TV

Many sports, inlcuding volleyball and basketball will play in the new gym

Jesse Jimenez, Staff Writer

Alta Loma High School got a new gym and this is the first school year they will be playing sports in it. The basketball season will be starting soon and volleyball has already played a few games in the gym. The gym finished construction during the year of distance learning, so sports were not being played. The teams have held tryouts and are now ready to play against every school that is in the way to going the entire season without a loss.

“This new gym feels like it’s a whole new environment and I love the feeling of playing in here”, said Brandon Moore when asked about the experience of the gym. 

“When basketball season starts I’m ready to defend our home court and win against any opposing team that steps foot in our gym”, Dirk McCoy on defending home court.

These players have practiced in this gym since it closed and reopened after it went through construction in the 20/21 school year. This new gym has been improved greatly and gives the entire gym a different vibe than before.

“I can’t wait for basketball season to start and play against all these other schools who think they have a chance to beat us”, Brandon Moore when asked what he’s excited for.

Girls volleyball is already playing in the gym and not only that, they have also defeated opposing teams and defended their home court. Sports in the gym this year for Alta Loma will be watched by a lot of students because of the added room inside. 

“Coach will lead us to many victories and hopefully we can go undefeated, that is always the goal and will always be my mindset”, Dirk McCoy when asked on his expectations for the 21/22 basketball season.