A Covid-19 Take Over

A Covid-19 Take Over

Courtesy of Twitter

Andrew Cortez, Staff Writer

Toward the End of March of 2019 Covid-19 Started and impacted students and staff with most of them just trying to end the year. Whilst this Administration had to direct people with information from the district, government, and the CDC. Then in the beginning of the next year Students and staff had to do it again with the new application “Canvas”. 

“School Loop did not have the capability to manage the type of work that needed to be done for students to have complete access, School loop wasn’t quite as effect as Canvas was, Canvas was more thorough and accessible and had more pieces that allowed students and staff to do the things that we needed to do” Bob Anderson, Guidance Counselor.

With Covid-19’s unexpected arrival Students, teachers, and staff had to get used to Online and they had to do it fast. Luckily with the use of applications like Canvas and Zoom the staff and students were able to have school online. Zooms Camera Feature allowed students to go to class without showing their face which led to a lack of a connection between students and teachers with some teachers even making it a requirement to show their face at least once for credit.

“Zoom is Zoom and when you have Zoom there is only so much you can do to control how things go. Zoom was as effective a tool as we could have but wasn’t anything like being in a classroom” Bob Anderson, Guidance Counselor. Due to this Many Students Did Fail as a result with most students giving up once the second semester started.