Official Teaser Trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home Released


Official Teaser Trailer of Spider-man No Way Home

Anthony Tirado, Staff Writer

The “Spider-Man No Way Home,” movie is a movie that many marvel fans have been waiting for. It was even said that the trailer views surpassed the endgame trailer views. It was said that the movie will be released in theaters December 17, 2021.

Some can say that Spider-Man is the face of marvel and that is why many marvel fans are going crazy with this new movie idea of their possibly being the current spider-man actor as well as the past ones. There were some pictures taken at the set where they are shooting the movie and you can see the first and oldest actor almost reaching his deathbed. The current actor, Tom Holland,was hinted at in the trailer that he will be in the movie with the past actors, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire.

“ I have watched it and it seems like it will be a great movie”. Said an Alta Loma High School freshman student Ashley Flores.

“ The villains were a good pick and especially from what universe they were chosen from”. Alta Loma High School freshman student Flores said this.

Movie theaters will be packed in the United States as well as stores because there are going to be people buying their kids the hot new toys. There was a comic created where the world knows Spider-Man’s identity and he goes to a villain named Mephisto who casted a spell causing the whole world to forget his identity. It is rumored in this movie that Dr. Strange is Mephisto in disguise.

Therefore, Spider-Man will probably be one of the biggest movies and most likely bigger than endgame.