Football game cancellations

Alta Loma vs. Don Lugo at home

Courtesy of Braves Football website

Alta Loma vs. Don Lugo at home

Chloe Liles, Staff Writer

Recently, the varsity Alta Loma football game, scheduled to play on Friday, September 3 was nearly cancelled after their opponent Crescenta Valley got COVID-19. Luckily, they found a replacement team to play at the last second and managed to beat them, making the football team undefeated so far.

A few days prior, the football team was training to fight against Crescenta Valley High School, until they discovered that several members on the team got COVID-19 and were forced to cancel the match. Upon discovering this, the players were extremely disappointed and eager to find someone else to play.

“[I felt] bad for the kids because they were excited to play and they haven’t played a full game with all the stands full in a couple of years,” stated Mark Pasquarella, the football coach.

He and all the football players have been training relentlessly, and have had the challenge of getting back into the mindset of a football player after almost two years of no football; the possible cancellation made them feel almost like all those efforts were in vain. Through many emails and calls with athletic directors, Alta Loma managed to find another team from Serrano High school, one of the hardest teams they would compete against yet.

Of course, they wanted to remain safe because of the global pandemic, though it was very difficult to remain safe when playing a contact sport. Whenever they weren’t practicing, they were usually socially distant and wore masks. They also wouldn’t show up to practice if at any time they weren’t feeling well and constantly washed their hands. When all is said and done, the football team managed to defeat Serrano High School with a score of thirty-one to twenty.

“It felt really good [to win], it was nice to see how far we’ve come in the last couple of years,” said Eric Race, a linebacker and running back on the varsity football team.