First lunch V. Second lunch

Antonnette D. Jackson, Staff Writer

Second lunch is better than the first lunch, because First lunch is too early. To the students it feels like breakfast really. Twenty-eight out of twenty-nine students say that the second lunch is in fact better than the first lunch.  When eating lunch students would much rather eat it at 11:56am than at 10:58 am. Second lunch is during lunchtime, and it does not feel too early into the day. This causes an issue because most students would prefer having lunch during lunch.

Most students say that having Second lunch is better, because all their friends have Second lunch. This does not really prove that Second lunch is better. Truthfully, it is just a preference most students think Second lunch is better, but if more students were asked surely more would like the first.  When asked, one of the juniors said that “Second lunch is better because all of my friends have Second lunch.” This may help to understand why most students like the lunches they are already in. This causes friends to have the same lunch, and their schedules are important.

Although asking more students would not have changed the outcome. If more students had been asked there would have been more reasons to like or dislike a certain lunch. If the first lunch were later, surely it would be up there with Second lunch. Next year when school starts later there will be a change in some opinions. This may also prove that Second lunch is only fan favorite because of the time it starts. For now, Second lunch will hold its place as most students preferred lunch.