In-Person Schooling is Better


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Ryan M, Van Veldhuizen, Staff Writer

Now that everyone is back at school in person this year there’s a debate on whether in-person school or online school is better. Being in person is a more suitable option for students and teachers. Last year when school was exclusively online, students never felt connected with their classes. With the issues of internet errors and being trapped, alone just in their bedrooms made everyone feel isolated. Students didn’t get the social interactions they would usually get during passing periods or lunch and even in the actual classrooms.

Students never were able to feel they knew their teachers, they were just a little box on computers. Connection is key to enjoying school and there wasn’t that agent of interaction with teachers and other students. It just feels as if everyone was confined for six hours a day on their computers doing nothing but staring at a screen. “…definitely being able to see students and connect with them… instead of just trying to get somebody’s attention and they don’t even know who I’m talking to, so yes in class is definitely better” (Nicole Kallas, ASL teacher).

“I will say it is way better in person because I can talk to teachers directly” (Myles Parker, freshman). Being in person at school also brings the aspect of community where students are able to come together in one place and enjoy themselves with one another. Being able to make new friends, make new memories, and learn new things. Which students wouldn’t otherwise be able to do being online every day.