New Teachers at ALHS


Courtesy of Ms. Obrian

Savannah Warasky, Staff Writer

The start of the 2021-2022 school year at Alta Loma high school, also means new teachers that get to experience a fresh start just like the new freshmen here at ALHS. While they have more on their hands they really can relate more to these kids than anyone.

Mrs. O’Brien the new English And yearbook teacher. O’Brien always knew what she wanted her future to look like. She also always knew that she wanted to help these kids by becoming a teacher.  Most people really think that the past year really came as a shock for everybody and now being back it’s really kind of shook everybody.

Mrs. O’Brien really thinks that it is important to get “involved in the community.” Mrs. Obrien also believes that you really should ”go to all the events and really just have fun with high school.” Mr. Hong is the new earth and space, science teacher. This is Hong’s first year teaching at ALHS in person. He didn’t always know that he wanted to be a teacher, but now that he is he really does love it. When he did realize that he wanted to teach he was studying geochemistry at graduate school.  

First, Mr. Hong then went on to teach adults to get their associate degree, “while that was neat I feel like I wasn’t making that big of an impact on adults.” (Mr. Hong) . Because Mr. Hong didn’t make that impact he wanted to, he started to lean more towards teaching young people like High schoolers, and that’s really when his career started. That’s when he figured out that the impact he wanted to make could be made on high schoolers. Mr. Hong got his education first at UC riverside and then at a university in New Orleans. Then when he wanted to be a high school teacher he did teach at two of them before ALHS. Mr. Hong does say though “I am a big fan of Alta Loma so far.” (Mr. Hong earth space science)