New Gym Finished for 2021-22 School Year


Andrew Cortez

Photp by Andrew Cortez

Andrew Cortez, Staff Writer

The construction of the new gym started in the Fall of 2019 and finished in spring of 2021, a project that was supposed to take Two years was finished in about a year and half. During the construction of the gym school went online and many students who saw the construction of the gym were surprised to see it was brand new and finished. Although the new gym is here there hasn’t been any real events inside the gym other than the graduation for the class of 2021.

Hopefully with the change of seasons there will be more chances to use the gym to its fullest extent. As students saw the extension of the gym through construction gates, we only wondered how it was going to turn out with the dirt surrounding the building It felt like it had its own personal stage. The new gym may be criticized and said that it could be pushed back, keep in mind that there is a road behind the gym and blocking that path will affect P.E, Wood Design, and more.

“Our gym was an old gym, it needed some expansion, it needed some renovation and I think it was one of those things that was about time.” Bob Anderson, Guidance Counselor.

Additions for the gym Include more courts making one into three which allows for more stands on the inside, a new floor and taller walls which creates space for a beautiful new mural on the front making it one of the first things you see upon entering. Construction of the Gym did happen during the bigger part of Covid which may have been a reason for its early finish but is unfortunate for those who saw Construction of the gym and didn’t get to see it finished.