Review of Marvel’s Newest Movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings



Rene Jimenez, Staff Writer

Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings was released September 3rd of 2021 and is the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The film stars Simu Lui as the titular character of Shang-Chi, which also happens to be the MCU’s first asian superhero. To get the good out of the way first this film has some very impressive action, especially for a Marvel film. Usually, it’s difficult to feel anything watching any of these movies especially when it comes to the action sequences but surprisingly Shang-Chi excels in this.

 Shang-Chi also is kind of a refreshing character for Marvel. He’s not an arrogant guy like Iron Man or Doctor Strange nor is he a quip machine like Starlord. That’s not to say he’s devoid of any humor, it’s just that’s not most of what he is.  The Arc he goes through in the film is one that is actually pretty well fleshed out too. His motives, although not incredibly complex, are still engaging. The villain of this film is also not that bad, he has a clear motivation and he’s not just bad for the sake of being bad. He’s misguided, he’s not really in search of power or anything like that and he’s not just the main character with a different skin like in other marvel films. His motivations are clear and he serves his purpose pretty well.

Sadly the film is not without its flaws. Awkwafina’s character of Katy is the comic relief of the film who shouldn’t have gotten this much screen time, and a lot of her jokes kind of fell flat and she really didn’t serve too much of a purpose to the plot. She’s very replaceable and not that interesting. If you were to remove her from the film everything would play out essentially the same. This isn’t to say there shouldn’t be any comedic relief in this movie, it’s just that there were other characters that could have benefited from more screen time. The film also suffers from some very bad green screen, some strange choices of dialogue, not everyone is giving their greatest performance and to repeat there just really isn’t that much enjoyment in the humor.

All around the film is refreshing for marvel and important culturally.