California Governor Recall

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Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The people of California were trying to recall governor Gavin Newsom. On Tuesday, September 14 2021 the recall election decided that Newsom will stay in office.

Governor Newsom is said to have been “soft on crime”  by the republicans and is blamed for the rise in violent crimes and homicides. The Los Angeles Times says the homicides have gone up by 25% overall and is one of the biggest one-year jumps since 1960.

Poll updates state that the recall is most likely not going to be a success. Newsom has been in office from 2011 to 2019 as the 49th lieutenant governor of California and was the 42nd mayor of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011.

He started his term as governor of California in 2019 and the recall began in 2020 around the onset of covid. Though the accusations against him are said to be large they are hard to prove because they are labeled as “Soft Crimes.”

The people of California’s beliefs are split between not letting Newsom back in the office and letting him stay in office. As of September fifth, 2021, the polls looked to be in Newsom’s favor.

According to FiveThirtyEight as of September 14, 57.3% of the votes are in favor of keeping Newsom in the office while the other 41.5% wish to Remove him.

Though Gavin won the recall his runner-up Elder was up to 29.7% of the vote. While the other runner-ups only had 5-6 percent of the vote.

The voters needed to cast their ballots to determine the outcome of this recall election. Throughout the election, the ballots fluctuated so it was hard to determine who would win. But in the end, Newsom came out with the win.