ALHS Fashion Club Members

Fiona Vo, Staff Writer

ALHS just opened a new fashion club. The club will be meeting every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in room 25. Here’s insight on the representatives. Paris Tuma is the club president. She likes to dress preppy and casual and gets inspiration from Selena Quintanilla, Marilyn Monroe, Erykah Badu, and Aliyah.

“We’re hoping we can make others feel more confident in themselves and their fashion, whether or not it’s considered basic. We’re also hoping we can change the dress code, or make it less strict,” Paris Tuma, president, junior. Mia Phommaylayvane is the vice president. She dresses alternative and mainly goth and gets creativity from Pinterest.

“My goals are introducing students to fashion and getting comfortable with themselves. For me, I want to help my social skills and open up to more people,” Mia Phommalayvane, vice president, junior. Chris Apablaza is the secretary. Getting inspiration from TV such as Gossip Girl and Elite, he likes to make a statement in his clothing, dressing prestigious and classy.

“My goals for this club are to help ALHS students feel confident with their clothing and know how to make a statement,” Chris Apablaza, secretary, sophomore. Nevaeh Fernandez is the treasurer. She likes to dress in relaxed and comfortable clothing. She feels happier when she’s bundled up. “My goals for this club are to help the committee reach people of ALHS and hopefully encourage them to be who they are and feel free to express themselves through clothing however they see fit, Nevaeh Fernandez, treasurer, junior.

Together the four have future plans for the club to do photo shoots, design and create clothing and accessories, watch fashion and model videos, discuss dress codes, and talk about how to be Eco-friendly with fashion.