ALHS Marching Band Performance


Charlotte Winters

ALHS Marching Band Performing at the football game on September 3rd

Charlotte Winters, Staff Writer

The Alta Loma High School Marching Band performed at Friday night’s football game. They played during the introduction of the football players and at halftime.

The marching band consists of around 50 people from freshmen all the way to seniors. Their Instruments are either woodwind, brass, or percussion.

Some of the most important instruments in the Marching Band are in percussion because they are in charge of keeping the tempo of the whole band. Marching Band practices every morning from 7:30-8:21 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, on Friday they practice from 7:30-8:18.

The Director/teacher of the marching band is Joseph Calderon. Calderon has worked at Alta Loma for a few years and is also in charge of the other bands at Alta Loma.

At the first home game of the season, the marching band played the players in. They lined up facing each other playing as the football team ran through.

The second time the marching band made their appearance that night was during halftime. At halftime, they walked onto the field in a military-like formation and set up in an open point.

The song they played at halftime was Red by Ezekiel Lanser. Lanser has composed many songs and is a trusted musician.

“For us not playing for so long we did really well.” Stated Myles Parker, freshman.

ALHS Marching Band Performing at the football game on September 3rd (Charlotte Winters)

According to Parker the band, even though out of practice, was genuinely good. Meaning that the instruments let off with little to no squeaks and the drums miss no beats.

 The football game ended with a win for Alta Loma and the marching band celebrated with the student section by drumming and chanting the cheerleaders soon followed. The Marching band provided musical entertainment during the football game keeping the Alta Loma crowd engaged.

The next Marching Band football performance will be on September 24th, Go Braves Go!